Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to wash my Dirttrapper when it is new ?

In the manufacturing process a protective coating (wax) is put on the cotton which will prevent it from absorbing moisture until it is washed off. The more you wash your Dirttrapper the better it performs.

How many Dirttrappers can I wash in my washing machine at a time ?

We count the 75x45cm mat as a basic unit. You should wash no more than 2 mats in your machine at a time.Bigger mats should be only 1 at a time. Be sure to check your lint traps before and after washing as there will be a level of shedding for the first 3 or 4 washes.

Why is my Dirttrapper shedding and what do I do to minimise it?

Dirttrappers are made from an open tuft cotton which means that the fibres are cut and burst open when washing for maximum absorbtion. Because cotton is a fibre the loose fibres will work out over the first few washes. To reduce the excess fluff simply vacuum the Dirttrapper every now and again with vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush in the head and it will help speed up the process.


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